Spooky Bars You Will Want To Have An Halloween Party On

Places to go this Halloween and get the chills.

Halloween is getting closer and you need to prepar as ghosts are coming to hunt you down! Some pubs are notoriously haunted, sometimes by people who passed at the premises or by people who felt akin to the building. We selected a few spooky bars where you can enjoy this hunted holiday always with amazing interior designs that will amaze you!

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The Ten Bells

Spooky Bars You Will Want To Have An Halloween Party OnSmack-bang in the middle of Spitalfields lies the institution that is The Ten Bells. Alive with history this bustling candle lit boozer still serves as a social hub for an ever changing community and it is also one of the most spooky bars in Shoreditch, London.

There have been countless reports of Paranormal activity in the pub, by both landlords, pub workers and members of the public. Supposedly the ghost of Annie Chapman, a victim of Jack the Ripper who supposedly brutally murdered Annie Chapman after she spent the night drinking in the The Ten Bells.

Whilst Annie was brutally murdered, there does not seem to be any malice in her hauntings, so you can relax, enjoy a cold drink surrounded by a vintage bar decor, that we love so much.

The Rising Sun

Spooky Bars You Will Want To Have An Halloween Party On

The Rising Sun is a classic local pub with a modern twist and a creepy presence that watches and touches people. Near to St Batholomew’s Hospital, it is said that in the early 19th Century this spooky bar was frequented by a gang body snatchers.

Acording to the records we found, in the late 1980’s two barmaids who also lived at the pub reported a presence that would sit at the end of their beds as they slept and slowly remove the bed sheets. Also, in the 90’s, the landlady of the pub felt an ice-cold hand run down her back as she was in the shower. She turned around to see who had joined her but found no one there.

No dought it’s not for the faint of heart but now it’s a pub that everyone wants to visit due to its vintage interior design and amazing drinks. Just be carefull.

The Bow Bells

Spooky Bars You Will Want To Have An Halloween Party On

A great East End boozer in the heart of Bow, with a great range of real and craft ales, lagers and an extensive selection of spirits, this spooky bar is a slice of old east London.

According to witnesses, this hunted pub has a mystery toilet flushing spirit! A toilet loitering phantom is said to flush the chains in the ladies loos whilst they are sitting on the toilet seat. Nobody at The Bow Bells is quite sure who exactly the phantom flusher is, but they for sure are scared.

Located in Bow Road, this is one of the spookiest placed to go this Halloween.

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The Sutton Arms

Spooky Bars You Will Want To Have An Halloween Party OnThe Sutton Arms is said to be haunted by a red-haired gentleman called Charlie, whose apparition stops by certain corners of the old Smithfield boozer. Charlie the ginger ghost  is said to flash a cheeky smile at those who’ve had the pleasure of making his acquaintance, before disappearing into thin air.

It’s always good to find a friendly ghost who isn’t up to spooky things, so if you’re not a big fan of super scary places, this may just be the perfectly hunted place for you to go this Halloween.

The Grenadier

Spooky Bars You Will Want To Have An Halloween Party On

Last but certently not the least in our spooky bars list is a former officers’ mess in Belgrave Square, The Grenadier, which is said to be one of the most haunted pubs in London.

This vintage bar is supposedly named after young Cedric, a soldier who was caught cheating at cards and punished by being beaten to death. No one knows exactly when this ghastly deed occurred, but it is thought to have been in September as that is when ghostly happenings are rife.

Trapped because of his depts, the spirit remains haunting this vintage bar and delighting every visitor that even hang money from the ceiling in an attempt to pay his debt, but poor Cedric seems to remain trapped on earth.

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