Stay Trendy in 2018 with These Ultra Violet Bar Chairs

2018 will be here any day, now! And it is time you start thinking about what your home bar will look like…

We want you to stay trendy all year long, so we are already thinking about what your home bar will look like in 2018. Now that Pantone has announced their Color of the Year, and we’ve established that it’s gorgeous and everyone should have their Ultra Violet in their home interiors, it is time to start thinking about details. And these Ultra Violet bar chairs will make sure your home bar decor stays gorgeous, and you stay trendy!

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Ultra Violet might not be the first color that comes to your mind when thinking about kitchen counter stools or even home bar decor. However, it can turn out to be surprisingly beautiful. Such an accent color has the power to create an unforgettable look in any room.

A proof that Ultra Violet and nickel can look great together, these three bar chairs are perfect for a contemporary home interior, or a sleek bar or restaurant decor.

Even if you boast a Scandinavian-styled home, you can still use Ultra Violet to stay trendy and make everyone fall in love with your kitchen counter. These minimalist mid-century bar chairs would definitely make your kitchen feel complete.

A darker interpretation of Ultra Violet, this stunning bar chair by Brabbu is a fierce alternative for your restaurant project. They would surely create an accent look that would make you wish you never had to leave the restaurant’s bar!

Another stunning violet color that doesn’t fall far from the royal violet hue by Pantone. There is no doubt this will be one of the major interior design trends for the year of 2018, so you’d better start thinking which are your favorite mid-century bar chairs and barware because Pantone Color of the Year is here to stay!

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