The 8 Modern Dining Tables You’ll Be Having Your Favorite Meal On

It’s dinner time! Join us and find which of these 8 modern dining tables you will choose to have your next meal!

An ideal family photo would be with everyone gathered around the dining table, sharing food and exchanging stories and laughter. Dining tables are the heart of the home and choosing the perfect one can be challenging, so we have gathered 8 modern dining tables that you can choose to fit perfectly with your modern interior design.

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Dining Table Number 1

Vinicius is a dining table that uses the same elegant base of Vinicius end table. Designed in a curvy hourglass shape, it is finished in Nero Marquina marble, contrasted by the white Portuguese Estremoz marble. It is accentuated by a brass ring on the center and features a countertop of smoked glass.

Dining Table Number 2

Monument Valley, in Arizona, is one of the greatest icons of the American West landscape. It inspired the creation of PLATEAU II Dining Table. It features a top in walnut root veneer with a matte varnish and details in matte hammered brushed aged brass, adding a special touch. The base is in matte black lacquer, making it an intriguing dining furniture piece.


Dining Table Number 3

According to your dining room design, the style of the table will change, but you can always choose something simple with simple lines that will keep the modern look.

Dining Table Number 4

Wormley is a round dining table that features a skillfully engineered structure made of pipe rings, a hallmark of excellence in metalwork that supports a clear glass on the top. Some of the pipes are then cut vertically to form a leg, standing on a circular mirrored base produced in brass. A perfect centerpiece for the engineering minds.

Dining Table Number 5

The Heritage Dining Table, much like its sibling Heritage Sideboard and Cabinet, is a highly sophisticated piece inspired by Portuguese history through the use of traditional hand-painted azulejo tiles. Its noble design features bold lines, with alternating polished brass, beveled mirror, and azulejo strips and a tempered glass top, which reflect your dining room’s finest elements, yet adding a touch of warmth and finesse.


Dining Table Number 6


Koi carp is a recurring symbol of Japanese culture. Its natural color mutations reveal their capacity to adapt, just like KOI Dining Table. Featuring a base in aged brass and a top in acrylic, this rectangular dining table will add refined elegance to any dining room design.

Dining Table Number 7

The Winchester is a dining table that features a tubular conic structure supported by three legs. They are produced in polished brass and wood composite finished with a glossy black color. The triangular shaped base adds another dramatic twist to this glamorous table, contrasting with the round countertop made of smoked glass and fits amazingly with mid-century dining room chairs.

Dining Table Number 8

What about a modern round dining table which can extend her size? Sounds good right?

Get inspired and choose your favorite one to share great moments with familie members and friends!

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