The Best Bars To Visit In San Francisco If You Love Interior Design

Looking for a place to travel to? We’ll show you the best bars to visit in San Francisco that will make you want to be there!

San Francisco has a charm of its own. And, most importantly, their love for bars is immense. So, it’s no surprise that their bars are literal eye candy. Today, we’re going to show you the best bars to visit in San Francisco that will make your jaw drop and your mouth water if you’re into interior design.

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From exposed brick and vintage fixtures to antique accessories and some amazing leather chairs we are obsessed with, San Francisco’s bar scene has so much to offer. We can’t wait to show you our top picks of bars to visit in this charming city if you wish to discover more about the interior design in this location.

Redwood Room

Photo © Goop

A historic bar inside the Cliff Hotel, it has been open since the 30’s and we can surely see the mid-century influences on this interior design. However, it’s still very modern with Art Deco elements. Legend says the bar was carved out of a single redwood tree, hence the name, and even if it’s not true, it’s the kind of story we want to believe in. With undeniable soul and personality, this bar is a must if you’re visiting San Francisco.


Photo © Hoodline

If you’re looking for a bar with a more industrial vibe, reminiscing bars and canteens from the World War II, then this is the one for you. Churchill, throwing back to the 40’s, is a bar that definitely doesn’t disappoint. Reclaimed wood, vintage fixtures and an handcrafted bar from walnut wood, this is the place to be on a Saturday night after a long walk through the city.

Bar Agricole

Photo © Jennifer Yin | Flickr

With a sleek, modern and industrial style, this bar is screaming for us to visit it. Part of a restaurant with incredible service and amazing menu, it doesn’t stray too far from it. Previously a warehouse, designers used a lot of sustainable materials such as the wooden “hull” crafted out of reclaimed whiskey barrels. Delicate glass sculptures hang from skylights, chairs are made from wine barrels, and we can’t help but wish we were there.

Trick Dog

Photo © Condé Nast Traveler

A bar you will definitely want to visit, Trick Dog offers amazing cocktails that make our mouths water just from looking at them. With an ambiance true to the San Francisco spirit, this bar offers a lot more than just drinks. With an industrial feel to it, a casual and colorful touch, it’s no surprise that this is considered one of the World’s 50 best bars.

Starlight Room

Photo © Sir Francis Drake Hotel

A true charmer with an over the top interior design, the Starlight Room is luxurious with its red velvet, black and gold tones. The wall decor takes us back to the mid-century style we love so dearly. And you surely won’t get over the 360º view of the city once you sit down for a lovely meal or cocktail with that special someone in this stunning bar.

Trademark & Copyright

Photo © Trademark & Copyright

Want a more colorful and casual bar where you can meet new people and enjoy a refreshing drink with the sunset entering the glass doors from outside? This is the bar for you. You can even enjoy a good meal here and watch sports, relaxing after a weekend of visiting this incredible city. The design of the bar is modern with some vintage touches here and there, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it tremendously.


Photo © Wildhawk

And last, but certainly not least, the sleek and sexy Wildhawk bar with a feminine spirit to the ambiance inside, inspired by Lola Montez, a dancer in the 1800’s who was known as “wild hawk”. Cozy and retro, you definitely need to visit Wildhawk for a an interior design experience that you won’t regret. Bask on the green velvet chairs, patterned bar stools, wall decor and incredible ceiling. It can’t get any better than this.

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