The Best Interior Design Apps for Every Decor Lover and Professional!

How to make the best of the gadget at the tip of your fingers.

It might not always be an easy task to translate the intricacies of interior decor into online apps. However, new apps keep popping up on the market that swear to make it easier to plan your new home decor. We have gathered some of the best interior design apps for iPhone and Android, and today we are sharing them with you!

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View in My Room 3D

View in my Room 3D is part of Houzz’s app. The great thing about it is that it actually lets you see how the products you want to purchase would look in your room. More than 300,000 products from Houzz are available for you to choose from, making it easy to select any style and color you might want for your home decor.

Free on AppStore

IHandy Carpenter

Get all the tools you need for an interior design project in your own smartphone! iHandy brings the most fundamental tools together, such as that bubble level bar that seems impossible to get your hands on! Perfect to use for smaller projects.

$1.99 on AppStore and Google Play

Color911 is an interior design app for iPhone that lets you create custom color palettes in the easiest and quickest way possible. You can select color from any photograph you have uploaded to your smartphone and go from there. Super easy and actually quite fun to use!

$3.99 on AppStore 
IKEA Place

IKEA Place is the result of IKEA’s partnership with Apple’s new augmented reality software. You can choose any piece from IKEA’s collections and see how they would actually look in your own bedroom, living room, kitchen, you name it! You can move them and then place them in your desired spot.

Free on AppStore

Another great app that plays with the wonders of augmented reality is Amikasa. Amikasa lets you recreate your home using real furniture, at the same time it also enables you to explore more and style your rooms in 3D. You can discover new color palettes to match your designs and, of course, see furniture as if it was in the room in front of you!

$0.99 on AppStore
Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is one of the most famous interior design apps on the market. It lets you design and remodel your house in 3D in the quickest and intuitive way you can think of. You can design, furnish and easily decorate your home and then share it with a vast community of worldwide users.

Free on AppStore

Design Home

Design Home is the latest hype on what concerns interior design apps for iPhone. Actually a game, this app lets your imagination run wild at the same time you have to complete challenges and make your design face off against fellow designers. Design your rooms with furniture and home accents from top brands of the real world and win prizes for your amazing styles!

Free on AppStore and Google Play

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