The Cocktail Bar in West Hollywood You Should Visit Next!

In Hollywood, not everything is about movies. Luckily for us, cinema lovers, this cocktail bar is all about it!

There’s a cocktail bar in West Hollywood that opened just a few weeks ago and it’s already on everybody’s minds for all the best reasons. Filled with cinematic inspirations and a lot of French cinema and design details that honor the best of vintage decor, this bar is definitely the bar design all cinema aficionados were waiting for! Let’s step inside for a moment…

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Designed by Home Studios, this unique cocktail bar was brought to life very recently. Boasting the very best of vintage interior design, it is, however, the mix of cinema, great decor, and cocktails that makes us drawn to it. The designers used “ribbed surfaces, soft colors and teardrop-shaped details to create an interior that looks part postmodern cafe and part Viennese speakeasy.” The result is open for anyone to visit and get marveled…


With a very appropriate name – Bibo Ergo Sum – in Latin “I drink, therefore I am”, the bar is the first to open in West Hollywood’s recently revamped Robertson Plaza area. With soft colors and an atmosphere that welcomes all the classic details of the 1960s, this came to be the perfect drinking spot for locals to sip cocktails from an ever-changing menu in a relaxed and quirky setting.

But more about the actual bar design, the designers took inspiration from Vienna’s architecture from the 1900’s, as well as vintage French movies. As you walk through the bar, you can also feel the aesthetic presence of the 1967 movie The Graduate, which was just one of the many cinema references Home Studios took to make this bar a reality.

Everything from the rigid symmetry of the space to the strict color palette, to the tinted lighting and glass, as well as the blacked-out ceiling, are meant to create an experience as transportive as a trip to the cinema,” said one of the designers.

In the four corners of the bar, booth seating is formed by semi-enclosed areas, that are decorated with light pink ribbed cushioning, forming backrests for the built-in seating. In between, high-mounted tables for two each have their own mirrored backdrop and domed pendant lamp above.


The result is a dynamic blend of surreal details, unexpected materials and dramatic proportions that deliver a completely unique aesthetic,” finished a PR from the bar.


Get all the Hollywood feel in your next restaurant design by placing Essential Home’s Collins bar chair at the bar. A luxurious statement with all the comfort your guests might need.

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