The Most Eye-Catching Restaurant Bar Chairs Are All Here!

A good restaurant always has a nice bar to have a few drinks before dinner, and these are the best bar chairs!

The bar chairs you are about to see are all part of some of the best restaurant designs in the world. Whether they are more classic, modern, or contemporary, they all are gorgeous, that is for sure! Take a look at these eye-catching restaurant bar chairs and tell us what you think!

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Go for a more vintage look with these simple red bar stools, which definitely know how to stand out. They bring us back to the 1950s and all the lovely diners that started to pop up around the cities.


Green velvet and dark wooden legs are what make these restaurant bar chairs so special. We love the classic look and would love to have a cocktail here!

Copper was a huge trend throughout 2016, and it still looks amazing. The geometric white and blue floor looks amazing next to the aged copper of the modern bar stools.


This is one of the best cocktail bars in London, and you can get to know all about it here, because we have definitely talked about the Grind before! The salmon velvet bar chairs are everything.

Somewhere, there is bar decor that boasts these stunning gray bar chairs. They look sleek and sophisticated, just like the restaurant where you should be having dinner tonight!

Pink leather and gold plated brass go together perfectly and the proof are these stunning modern bar chairs! If you get the chance to visit this restaurant, make sure to take a picture and Instagram it!

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