The Trendiest Cocktail Bars in London Are All Here!

If you are visiting London in the next couple of months, there are a few things that should be on your checklist.

Visiting all the landmarks, trying out the best fish and chips in town, or just simply taking a long walk in Hyde Park might be some of the things you have in mind. However, if you are an interior design lover, you might want to start looking for inspiration somewhere else… If you happen to be out during happy hour, these are the five best cocktail bars in London for you to admire some incredible mid-century bar stools and enjoy a tasty drink…

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Disrepute, Soho

Photo © Disrepute

The bar once known as The Kingly Club, and before that The Pinstripe Club, is nowadays known as The Disrepute. Located in Kingly Court, Disrepute features a heavy 1960s luxurious vibe, boasting marble floors and polished brass accents. The velvet upholstered bar stools and booths add to that opponent feeling, creating the ultimate member’s bar. What does this mean? If you’re not on the list, move on to the next bar…


Florence is a mid-century stool with a base that is made of polished brass, making it stand out for its golden details over the trendy pastel colors.

The Fumoir At Claridge’s, Mayfair

Photo © The Fumoir

The Fumoir defines itself as “a bar where era-defining cocktails are twisted, forgotten classics are reconstructed and new passions are ignited.” When walking into the bar, the first thing you will notice is the vintage feeling all around it, making it the perfect choice for every mid-century or retro chic lover.

Oriole, Farringdon

Photo © Oriole

What would be a better place to end your night that than an extraordinarily well-decorated cocktail lounge in one of the most gorgeous cities in the world? nothing… that’s where Oriole comes in!

“A place where the combination of beguiling décor, enthralling refreshments, and glowing hospitality, all driven by the profoundest desire to enchant and delight, can trigger a genuinely transcendental experience.”

Mark’s Bar, Soho and City

Photo © Mark’s Bar

Keen on industrial-inspired decor? Then Mark’s Bar in Soho is waiting for you! Almost like honoring the feeling of what a “man cave” is, this cocktail lounge is filled with stunning decor elements that will inspire you.

Grind Club Bar, Clerkenwell

Photo © Grind

The Club Bar beneath Clerkenwell Grind is Grind’s Group late night cocktail bar and private events space. The great thing about it? Not only does it feature a mid-century inspired decor, but it is also open until 2 am from Thursday to Saturday!

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