The Ultimate Home Bar Ideas Guide to Bring Your Bar Decor to the Top!

Having a pristine home bar is one major step towards having a complete life! Find out the best home bar ideas to get your home bar to the next level!

Whether you want on you kitchen, living room or even man cave, having a home bar can be a lot of work so, we decided to do a special edition and round-up several of our posts that give you the best home bar ideas advice.

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The first thing to consider, is the wall decoration, so, we suggest looking at…

Bar Wall Decor: The Ideas You Have Been Looking For!

From mirrors to other types of wall decor accessories, this article approaches wall decoration and analyses it in a whole new level. It focuses on the details and the subtle differences that can turn your home bar from good to great. Worth the reading!

Lets look at some trends…

Why Bar Shelves Are the Next Big Thing in Interior Design

Having a cool and updated home bar means keeping up with its trends, so, in this one, you can see a small change to your home bar, that makes a big difference. Find out how and why shelves in your home bar are the thing to consider now!

Watch out for those bar stools…

Pastel Modern Bar Stools that’ll Make Your Bar Look Like Candyland

When it comes to in-your-face colors, it seems that at least one of the them is a trend for the year, but, there are some colors that no color will ever replace: pastel colors. Find out why they can be such a vital piece in your home bar decor.

Lets talk about leather…

5 Leather Bar Stools that’ll Give an Edgy Twist to Your Bar

“Upholstery plays a large role when it comes to decorating a bar, cafe or restaurant. Not only do we need our chairs to be comfortable, but we also need them to look good and standout from the rest of the space.” This article explores that magical effect that leather can have in your home bar!

The lighting:

Bar and Restaurant Lighting Ideas for a 50s Flashback Vibe

This article not only gives you specific solutions for your project’s lighting, it also advises you on how to get the best lighting for that 50s vibe.

Solutions for your corners!

Home Bar Decor: Turn Your Boring Living Room Corner Around!

You don’t need a special room in your house to have a home bar. Sometimes, a little living room corner is enough! This article tackles exactly that.


The Wall Painting Colors You Had Never Considered for Your Home Bar

“To help you out, we have chosen a list of gorgeous wall painting colors that you probably had never even considered for your home bar area!”

Last, but not least….

Home Bar Essentials: All You Need to Properly Stock Your Bar Cart

When it comes to a home bar, every day it’s Christmas. You must have the proper stocking!

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