The Vintage Bar Stools and Rust of La Manera Gastrobar in Valencia

It might be a good idea to start preparing a quick trip to Valencia, Spain…

Designed by the creative consultancy Masquespacio, La Manera Gastrobar is a retro-inspired space where you are welcome to have a mid-morning brunch, a late night cocktail or anything in between, really. Filled with rusty elements and some of the most gorgeous vintage bar stools we have ever seen, this retro-chic bar in Valencia will definitely stay on your mind.

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The structure’s original brick walls have been exposed throughout the bar, creating a background that is the “perfect foil for the tangible, rusty finish of the metal paneled sections” that we can see surrounding the upper half of the walls around windows. This rusty look has also been chosen to be featured in the custom-designed furniture, like the shelves, cabinets and plant pots.

The bar’s backsplash is constructed out of teal colored, polished tiles, and it creates a great contrast with the rough cement finish on the bottom half of the walls surrounding the windows.

Throughout the space we can multiple vintage bar stool as well as minimal dining chairs, which are both renovated vintage models, as well as new models from Singular Market.

The Mediterranean latticework on one of the bar’s walls is a strong focal point of the whole bar design. This happens thanks to “the plants that spill out of the latticed flower boxes which are built into it and which bring the easygoing, natural and uncomplicated design directive of La Manera to task in the clearest way possible.” [in Yatzer] You can see it more clearly in the photos below…

The atmosphere you can feel inside La Manera Gastrobar is that of a relaxed space, with a lot of style, perfect to get a cocktail with friends or, who knows, maybe even get a little bit of work done during the day.

Photos © Masquespacio


If you are looking for a simple retro-chic look for your home, the Kelly bar stool by Essential Home would definitely do the trick in your home, especially in this gorgeous copper finish, much like what we could see in La Manera Gastrobar.


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