These 5 Spring Cocktails Will Make You Want to Get Your Own Home Bar

Although it might not seem like it, we promise you Spring is getting closer. And you should be ready to celebrate!

That’s right! Spring will be here before you know it. And while you wait, here are five Spring cocktails you will be dying to make when the first warm days are finally here! In the meantime, you can start practicing…

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Rosemary Lemonade

A cocktail recipe that is just perfect for the first warmer days of Spring. Enjoy it in your patio with some friends, reminiscing of the days when you used drink homemade lemonade after an envigorating Summer bike ride!

What you need: reposado tequila, lemonade, rosemary ice cubes

Cherry Blossomtini

Photo © Getty Images

If you love the classic Cosmopolitan, don’t pass on the opportunity to try this cherry blossomtini with Japan’s most known licquer, sake. It is super easy to make, and you can’t have it done in no time when you have friends or family over!

What you need: sake, orange liqueur, cranberry and lime juices, orange bitters

Cranberry Daiquiri

Photo © S&C Design Studios

This cranberry daquiri is a funner twist to the classic daiquiri. With a pinch of tarragon, which you probably never use to make drinks, you will bring a new flavor to this familiar fruity and sweet base.

What you need: rum, elderflower syrup, cranberry and lime juices, tarragon

Mint Julep

This one is probably the most classic cocktail recipes of all times. Of all the cocktail ideas we have brought to you today, this is one of our personal favorites. Easy to make, and even easier to drink, a Mint Julep is the ultimate Spring cocktail!

What you need: bourbon, simple syrup, mint

Pineapple & Sage Gimlet

Photo © Bombay Sapphire Gin

Let’s close our fresh cocktails list with what is probably the freshest drink of all time. With pineapple flavors mixed with lime juice, this Pineapple & Sage gimlet will make you dream of the breezy Spring days that are to come.

What you need: gin, simple syrup, sage, pineapple and lime juices

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