These Bar Accessories Will Make Your Drinks Taste Even Better

Woo-Collective with a fresh new perspective changing the way we see home bar accessories!

Sometimes one drink is way more than pouring a liquid into a glass. All the details are important and the Woo-Collective is a great example of how each drink can be special and unique. Woo-Collective created a line of beautiful and functional bar accessories based on the traditional Taiwanese craftsmanship.

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The art of working with tin has a strong place in Asian culture, where tin objects represent good fortune. By using techniques that celebrate the natural textures of the raw materials, Woo Collective respects the spirit of Asian simplicity, creating designs that add a touch of poetry to your day-to-day life. Find more here.

Tin is a neutral flavor metal recognized for its efficiency on removing the bitterness of wine and other liquids, getting water clearer and to intensify the aroma and taste of drinks.

Pouring wine through the tin spiral, resulting in a smoother, mellower drink turns these wine accessories an important acquaintance to the bartender tools or even to have at home.

Photos © Design-Milk
A swirling stick, perfect to be part of your cocktail accessories, that will smooth the taste and aroma of your spirit drinks like whiskey, beers, and even caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea.

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