Time to Give a New Look to Your Home Bar W/ These Retro Wallpapers

A good interior decoration is all about getting the structure and setting right, so make sure to pay attention.

If you are planning a new room in your home – say, an entertainment room – you might want to make sure the bones and structure of the room are perfect, and then go on to enhance those same features. One of the ways in how you can enhance that tall wall that sits just behind your counter is by covering it will an accent wallpaper that no one will ever forget! And while we are all for the contemporary and modern patterns, these retro wallpapers have completely stolen our hearts. See for yourself!

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First, make sure you get the colors right. A cold color palette with blue, purple, black and yellow create the right tone for your home bar. As far as retro wallpapers go, we couldn’t have started this list on a better note.

Although exotic wallpapers were huge this year, they date back to the 1960s Palm Springs. They create an easy vibe in every interior and can make them look effortlessly stunning.

In the photo: Dolly coffee table | Marie dining chair

There is nothing more retro than pop art. And now you can put it on your walls! Pair this pop art mural with some of the best home accessories you have got laying around for the ultimate mid-century modern home decor.

A geometric wallpaper like no other, this blue and beige wallpaper might be what your home bar decor needs to get a refresh without having to change everything. Keep all your mid-century furniture and make it pop with a vintage wallpaper.

Bring the 1970s vibe into your home with this tangerine wallpaper. It will look great paired with a teak home bar and a few brass details around it.

This lovely vintage wallpaper boasts a great color palette. It is perfect for a mid-century modern home with a scandinavian twist! Make sure to use this for a cheery home bar!

For a darker themed bar – more Wintery – you can go with an exotic pattern, but change the color palette a little bit. The pictured above is a stunning retro inspired wallpaper that will bring your vintage home decor to the next level.

In the photo: Gable chair by Essential Home

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