Time to Start Getting Ready for Thanksgiving W/ These Bar Accessories

With these Thanksgiving decor ideas, you won’t want to leave your home all Holiday season.

Thanksgiving is on its way, and you will be giving your home bar a lot of use. Whether you are making cocktails to receive the friends that you’ll be having over, or preparing a classic whiskey on the rocks for your relatives, you will need the best bar accessories, that is for sure. Scroll through our post and feel inspired!

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Copper Mugs

First of all, you need a container to serve your drinks. These faux copper mugs would do just the trick and they would make you look stylish all Holiday season long! If copper is not your thing, you will surely find some other glistening mugs that will make sense to your own bar decor.

Barware Collection

With a stunning art-deco twist, this bar collection has everything you could possibly need to make your friends the cocktail of their lives! This particular collection is from West Elm, and we are loving the golden shimmer.

Arrow Pickers

Pickers might not be at the top of your list, but they come in handy at pretty much any party. These minimalist silver pickers from West Elm are stunning and they will wow every guest. Put them on display on your home bar counter, because they are definitely worth it!

Pineapple Sipper Cup

We love pineapples. They take us back to the Palm Springs mid-century feeling we all love so much, and this sipper cup will instantly become an eye catcher in your Thanksgiving dinner.

Iridescent Flute Glasses

These unique flute glasses by Urban Outfitters are as gorgeous as they are useful. If anyone asks for a sip of your best champagne, now you will have a set of gorgeous glasses to serve it on!

Cocktail Shaker Set

This cocktail shaker set from Urban Outfitters will go wonderfully with the pineapple sipper cup and the barware collection we have shown you above. Keep everything in an art-deco style to give a little twist to your mid-century home decor.

Photos © West Elm | Urban Outfitters

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