Tips To Create The Best Home Bar Your Home Has Ever Seen

From the furniture to the cocktails! Find out how to create the best home bar with these tips that we gather for you.

To create the perfect home bar it’s not enough to make it look nice… You need to to be able to choose not only the perfect counter stools but also the best accessories and drinks to do tasty cocktails. So as you can see it’s not only about the furniture or only about the beverages that you do, it’s the mix of all the small details that will help you to achieve the perfection.

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What about a vintage bar? Since mid-century furniture is so trendy right now, here you will see some mid-century modern bar stools. The first one is the Kelly bar chair, which was inspired by the curved and sculpted arches from the bar in the classic movie Casablanca. The second one is Collins, a crescent open back bar chair designed with sleek mid-century modern lines.

Now that we have all the furniture in the proper place lets talk about cocktails. Most of the people buy a bunch of different juices and alcoholic drinks and only after decide which cocktails they will do. You should do this the other way around.

Photo © TheDailyBeast

First, we will recommend you to choose around 7 different cocktails that will be able to do, and after that everything will be easier. You will be able to buy all the drinks you need without wasting money on things you don’t need, and even the glasses will be easier to buy since now you know which cocktails you will make and which type of glass you will need.

Photo © HomeWetBar

Now, it’s time to choose the home bar accessories. You will probably find some of the tools a bit too much, and we completely understand that, but as soon as start to handle all of them properly you will see that even pouring the drink to a glass can change the flavor and make it completely different.

Photo © DepositPhotos

And finally the ice! You will need way more than you think, actually, you should always double the quantity of ice that you will buy for the first time. We are pretty sure that you don’t want to have amazing and tasty cocktails without ice!!

Photo © MentalFloss

SEE ALSOHow To Turn Your Home Bar Into An Halloween Party’s Hotspot

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