What To Do In Paris Once Maison Is Over: A Tour Of French Cuisine

Now that Maison et Objet is over… what to do in Paris to make the most of your trip?

Although Maison & Objet ended this last Tuesday, there is still a lot to do in Paris. In fact, Paris Design Week is still very much alive all over the city of lights, so why not take the chance to enjoy these days and go on a tour of french cuisine? There is nothing better to do in Paris than sightseeing, shopping and, of course, eating!

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When in Paris, do as the Parisians do.

That, of course, applies to food as well! When in Paris, there is no way you can leave this wonderful city without relishing in the pleasures of its cuisine, so unique and characteristic, an experience that you can only have in the capital of gastronomy.

Some beef steak and french fries

If you want to start with this safe bet, you’re in for a treat if you walk over to 20 rue Saint-Benoît in the Saint-Germain neighborhood, where you’ll find Relais de l’Entrecôte. You won’t be handed a menu. In fact, the waiter only needs to know how cooked you want your meat to be. Known worldwide for its butter sauce, this restaurant will wow you with their delicious secret sauce on the meat, salad, golden french fries and an amazing choice of desserts that you won’t be able to forget.


If you’re looking for the classics such as Foie GrasConfit de Canard, Magret de Canard, and others, then you are in for a treat when arriving to Canard & ChampagneNot only incredible in its interior design, it’s also where you’ll find duck dishes as the center stage of the menu. Paired with fantastic champagne, this is a place where you don’t want to miss going to on your tour of french cuisine.

The typical French Snails

Escargot is one of those French dishes that most foreigners are hesitant to try. These snails are usually served as an entrée or a starter, and you can find them in all their delicious, buttery-garlic goodness at L’Escargot Montorgueil. You’ll be in love with this dish as soon as you taste it, trust us. Of course, you can still find other delicious dishes at L’Escargot such as tasty chocolate brownies, raspberry macarons, delicious prawn and crab linguine, or even the famous coq au vin.

Boeuf Bourguignon

Boeuf Bourguignon is one of those dishes that take 24 hours to cook to perfection, slow-cooking with herbs and vegetables, marinating and slowly being infused with wine and stock to reach that delicious state that it is then delivered to the table and make an amazing dinner. This popular dish is often served up in winter time, when it’s cold out, but at the Au Bourguignon du Marais you’ll be able to find it in the warmer months too. A perfect, traditional French dining experience which comes with wines that are – of course – 100% Burgundy.

For the more adventurous: Steak Tartare

If you’re looking for another uncommon experience, you should try the Steak tartare. It’s a beef tenderloin chopped in very tiny pieces with the right seasoning and is served raw. And that’s how the French eat it: raw! The tartare is a must while you’ll be visiting Paris. Stop by Les Philosophes and try this amazing dish. You won’t regret it, and so won’t your taste buds!

French Onion Soup: Soupe à l’oignon

The onion soup is very famous in France. It is made with meat (beef or chicken) stock, onions, gratinéed with cheese, and goes with a large piece of bread. It’s a must-have when we’re talking about a tour of french cuisine so what better place to drop by and taste it than Le Bistrot des Vosges? You’ll find the best onion soup here, one that you will certainly not forget even when your journey to Paris is over.

Coq au vin

The French love to braise chicken with wine… while drinking wine. And that’s exactly how Coq Au Vin came to be one of the top dishes to try when visiting Paris. Where we recommend you to taste it? La Jaconbine, a restaurant in the Latin Quarter, where you will also find an amazing onion soup. However, the spotlight is truly on the coq au vin so be sure to try it out and be amazed with the flavors that enter your mouth.

Coc au vin

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Pork & Seafood

If you want to get the best of the region of Alsace, then Bofinger is the place to visit amazing smoked pork, sausages and sauerkraut, incredible lobster roasted in its shell, duck filet with duck foie gras and other gourmet French dishes. Besides the stunning menu, you’ll find a restaurant filled with history, being this a place that has been on the dining scene since the 1800’s, once the very first brewery in Paris – and the first to serve beer on-tap! Styled in the manner of a classic French brasserie, you can expect leather banquettes, mirrored panelling, stained-glass ceilings and brass accents. On your journey through design and french cuisine, this is the best place to go to.

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The famous Macarons

If you’re into something sweet and a French trend that became a classic, then macarons are the perfect choice for you! You can’t leave Paris without tasting them and where’s the best place for that? Ladurée, no doubt. These colorful and delicate look alike mini sandwiches will conquer your taste buds!

Crêpes & Galettes

The traditional crêpe comes from the region of Brittany, and Breizh Café serves it with the same tradition, passion and expertise as it was when it was created. At Breizh Café, you’ll find a huge menu of delicious crêpes and galettes thatrange from the classics, such as brown sugar with Bordier artisanal butter, to original creations like white chocolate mousse and Matcha tea, with strawberries! It’s the perfect way to start your day with a good breakfast, or finish a dinner in Paris.

| OUVERTURE DES 8H A MONTORGUEIL |BREIZH Café vous accueille pour le petit-déjeuner dès demain matin à 8h ! Retrouvez…

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