What You Probably Didn’t Know About Maison et Objet 2018…

That’s right! One of the biggest Paris events of the year is back, and here’s what you didn’t know…

Maison et Objet 2018 has officially begun and while you are probably aware that is one of the best places to get to know all about the trends that will define the year, and the up-and-coming furniture and home accessories brands, what you might not know is that it holds one of the best stands ever!

Let’s step inside Salon Maison et Objet…

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Every January, Maison & Objet brings together thousands of brands and interior design aficionados to celebrate the best of interior design and make a clear statement of what the trends for the current year will be. What you didn’t know is that Essential Home is back to wow you with the best mid-century furniture and barware!

If you didn’t know that, you also don’t know that they put together one of the most elegant bar settings we have ever seen. If you arrive at Hall 7, Stand E40-F390, you will be greeted by three gorgeous Kelly bar chairs in gold plated brass and a white leather seat.

Tropical and exotic items are still a huge trend for 2018, and Essential Home made sure to bring their Miranda table lamp to the party! Bet you didn’t know that yet…

Monocles sideboard – probably the most classic mid-century furniture piece designed by Essential Home – is also wowing everyone that is currently attending the furniture fair, being one of the public’s favorite items.

As you can see, Essential Home’s stand doesn’t fall short of being the most amazing stand at the trade show, right now. They are currently exhibiting with DelightFULL, which means that if you are looking for some mid-century furniture for your hospitality project, you will find everything you need at Hall 7, Stand E40 – F39!

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