Why Bar Shelves Are the Next Big Thing in Interior Design

When small bar carts are not enough, Pinterest has found a way to fulfill people’s needs regarding their home bars.

What appears to be the next big trend in interior design – at least in the home bar section – are actually bar shelves! Today we bring you a selection of our favorite and most inspiring ideas on how to make you small home bar shine with the help of a simple set of shelves. Let’s check it out!

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1. They are easy to DIY

One of the best things about this trend is that is incredibly easy to DIY. If you want to take matter into your own hands, buy a few industrial looking floating shelves and install them in your living, or dining room. The next step is to decorate it as you wish, and fill it with your best liquor.

2. They look gorgeous

Shelves have a way of making your room feel cleaner and tidier. The minimalist vibe of modern shelves will make your room look gorgeous, especially if you go with a couple of brushed brass liquor shelves.

3. Shelves never go out of style

A great thing about this is that even if you get tired of having bar shelves instead of the usual bar cart, you can always take everything off the shelves and repurpose them. Why? Because shelves never go out of style and everyone has them in their homes!

4. You can double use it with a back mirror

If you’re going with something a little bit bolder, then remember to use a mirror! It’s a great and easy way to multi-purpose your bar shelves and, with the right mirror, you can get a stunning mid-century small home bar.

5. They’re a great way to save space

We last believe that bar shelves are a great new trend because they’re an amazing way to save space. In fact, even better than that, they’re great to take advantage of unused space, much like the blank wall on the photo below. The three simple wooden wall shelves will make a useful modern home, or, in this case, a stunning kitchen storage area.

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Now that you’ve read and loved our article, feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board, or share them on social media. Don’t forget that you can visit our Pinterest Boards and find out the most outstanding bar stools and furniture ideas!

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