World’s Most Inviting Restaurants: Tanta Chicago Is The Place To Be

A modern rooftop restaurant in restaurant you won’t be able to resist!

Tanta Chicago is a journey to behold, with a menu that takes you from Peru to the Pacific Ocean, even through the colors of the Amazon jungle. Sit down on the rooftops of the restaurant and enjoy the view as you savor each meal with an amazing wine. Let’s travel to Chicago and take you on this journey through one of the world’s most inviting restaurants.

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In Chicago, you’ll find a modern restaurant all the way up at the top of a building on Grand Avenue. Simple, aesthetic in its design, with flavors from Peru merging together in a casual and fun setting, Tanta Chicago brings us more than a simple restaurant with authentic dishes, but also a service that is genuine and attentive.

Having a meal at Tanta Chicago could not be more of an experience. Whether you choose to eat indoors or at the rooftop, you find yourself appreciating the design, the bar lounge, the nature outside or the modernity of the space inside, even the service and the stunning plates put in front of you as you order what will become one of your favorite meals.

And because even if the rooftop space is extremely inviting, we couldn’t let you visit Tanta Chicago without checking out the indoor space and completely falling in love with it. A more serious and luxurious design and yet somehow it doesn’t take away from their goal of making this a fun and casual experience for you.

Of course, it’s always worth mentioning that the menu, created by Chef Gaston Acurio, utilize locally sourced products and rely on vendors that are sensitive to sustainable farming and fishing. Tanta celebrates the diverse landscape and various ethnicity that make up Peru’s culture.

Emigrants from China, Japan, Spain, and Italy melded their respective dishes with the native Peruvian cuisine and adopted local agriculture to create a unique melting pot of Peruvian cooking that keeps boiling to this day.

It’s exactly this cuisine, diverse, elevated and sophisticated, that you’ll find at Tanta Chicago.

Tanta Chicago is definitely a restaurant you should visit if you are looking for amazing ambiance, a delicious menu and stunning interior design.

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