You Will Love the Vintage Industrial Stools in this This Taiwan Flat!

Here is one for all the vintage industrial lovers out there…

There is in Taiwan a retro-inspired flat that features a couple of lovely kitchen counter stools with a lot of personality. The open plan kitchen could only be complete with the vintage industrial stools you are about to fall in love with… Scroll down and you will understand how right we are!

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Splashes of turquoise and teal blue bring a seaside energy and reserved drama to the decor’s design, either in the form of the main kitchen’s wood cabinets and large kitchen island. Of course that our eyes go straight for the vintage industrial stools at the center. They bring a contrast against the marble flooring and the teal blue cabinets that is somewhat comforting.

Light fills up this vintage home decor, bringing into light the stunning subway tiling walls we can see in the kitchen.

Contrasting with the retro feeling of the house, you can also see mid-century modern pieces such as the black dining chairs in the open space area.

Thow pillows, industrial lighting design, and plants are some of the details that you can see in this vintage industrial apartment.

The retro decor style, the wood-sided bridge itself is, of course, the note that most characterizes the home as it not only connects the east and west wings.

The master bedroom with an industrial wall lamp, an American locker-style closet, and sports memorabilia are obviously specially designed.

Photos © Hey!Cheese.

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