10 Reasons Why You Need a Blue Counter Stool in Your Kitchen This Year

Forget black and white! Bright colors are coming in full force this year, and you want to be at the forefront of it all.

Black & white is officially dead in 2018. After a decade of simple furniture and minimal home decors, people are now looking for color and intricate interiors. This year, you can start with your kitchen, because today we are giving you 10 very good reasons why you need a blue counter stool! Believe us when we say that breakfast time will never be the same, again…

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Blue Meets Golden

Metallics will be a huge thing in 2018! One of the best ways to bring them into your home decor is by pairing them with strong colors to bring out the best of both finishes.

Get yourself a luxurious navy blue bar stool set with gold plated and slender legs for a sleek look in your kitchen!

For a bigger statement, go with a mid-century bar stool handmade in brass and upholstered in blue velvet. Honestly, it doesn’t get much more luxurious than this… Our favorite is Mansfield bar chair by Essential Home. You can know more about this family of products at the end!

If you are going with a curated interior in 2018 – which you should! – then make sure to pay attention to details. These velvet teal upholstered breakfast bar stools are simply stunning and they will make a statement.


Scandinavian/Industrial Inspired

Can’t let go of the Scandinavian, and industrial chic interiors just yet? That’s fine… There are still plenty of amazing options if you are looking to keep your interior minimal and with a nordic feel to it.

This Eames design-inspired bar chair features simple lines and guarantees all the comfort you’d expect from a kitchen counter stool with the classic design that flooded the early 2010’s.


This industrial bar chair features a more rustic approach to breakfast bar stools, that’s obvious… Perfect for an industrial loft in the city, or a man cave.

It is literally impossible to look at this minimalist bar stool and not fall in love. Yes, we know the minimalist style is so 2015, but we can’t shake this off. The aqua lacquer that covers the aluminum body of this breakfast bar stool is too gorgeous to let it go.

Another classic, this time with a more industrial approach than the previous bar stool. The nickel legs give this bar chair a more industrial feeling, almost like something you would see in a trendy bar.


Navy Blue Stools

Navy blue is one of the richest colors you can choose for your home decor, so of course, we had to feature some navy blue bar stools on our list…

These dark navy kitchen counter stools have stunning wooden legs that create a mix of contemporary and Scandinavian that works wonderfully. We could definitely see this stool set in our kitchens!

This other amazing navy counter chair screams fierceness and boldness. Inspired by Nanook, that is the master of bears, and the one who decides the luck of the hunters in the Arctic regions, this is the accent piece your bar is missing.



While some may say the Nautical style has run its course, we can’t help but keep going back to it. The uncomplicated and relaxed nautical design bring us back to the Summer, and we just love that.

Perfect for a beach home, these nautical blue bar stools are also the perfect match for a more rustic inspired interior in the city. The perfect way to feel that Summer spirit all year long!

Know more about the ‘Mansfield family


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