4 Appliance Mistakes That You Shouldn’t Make If Your House Is For Sale

No one stays in the same house forever and most of us keep in mind the resale value when decorating or doing some home improvements. Sometimes, all it really takes is new appliances to put up the resale value of your home, turning your kitchen into a more desirable one. Today, we’re tackling the 4 appliance mistakes you shouldn’t make if you’re thinking of selling your home.

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Mismatched appliances

Mismatched appliances can make a kitchen look unfinished, whereas matching appliances give a more high-end look. Replacing certain appliances with different colors that will mismatch your entire kitchen decor is not the best way to go, so think it through. You can often buy a new face panel for an existing appliance, rather than buying a whole new one, making it much easier to keep the look of the kitchen and throwing it in a true storm of confusion.

Standard appliances (in high-end neighborhoods)

John Carey, writing for Designer Appliances, explains that in very expensive neighborhoods, many buyers expect luxury appliances, and also want a home that’s move-in ready. However, if you’re house is not a luxury residence, then if you’re considering changing your appliances to more expensive ones, think of it merely as a cooking experience rather than an actual investment.

Old and energy inefficient appliances

Nowadays, you should really keep in mind appliances that are energy efficient. As you’d search for a home with such characteristics, if you’re selling, this is something to keep in mind too, as it is quite an important aspect. Buyers will no doubt be happy to hear that the appliances in your home are new and energy efficient, and you’ll be benefiting from a small energy bill as well.

No appliances at all

Kitchen appliances may sometimes be a dealbreaker even when everything else about the property is desirable. If you’re house doesn’t provide appliances, the value goes down quite a lot, as many buyers expect a number of amenities in their dream house. In fact, they can make a big difference to how quickly your house sells, and for how much.

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