5 Ideas On How To Use Trendy Dining Chairs With Brass Legs This Winter

Stay trendy and bring to your Christmas dining room decor your favorite dining chairs with brass legs!

Nowadays, dining chairs with brass legs are the right choice to bring to your living room and you might be asking yourself, why is that. The answer is actually simple since brass furniture brings not only a clean look to your interior, it also gives a luxury touch and when you put it together with other material like velvet or walnut wood, for example, you can get that mid-century look which is also trendy.

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1.Ellen Dining Chair

Ellen is a fanciful dining chair full of luxurious features. Its distinctive open curved back is extremely sculptured and it contrasts with the slim legs made of polished brass. It is upholstered in velvet and has mixed tones both on the back and the round cushioned pad.


2.Russel, Mansfield and Gable Dining Chairs









RusselMansfield, and Gable are dining chairs with a round polished brass base and the timeless seductive velvet layered over a comfy foam frame. With an extremely unique design, each one of them will give a stylish look to your living room. An open back and deep horizontal tufting? or a low-slung and crescent body? maybe a curved low back?

Three amazing options, so just choose your favorite one!




3.Warhol Dining Chair

Photo © Gumtree

Warhold dining chair has a full brass structure which goes along with the upholstered Night Grey Velvet, creating a great contrast between them and giving it a smooth and unique look.

The first three dining chairs have full brass legs, but this ain’t the only option. If you still want to be trendy but not so shiny than next 2 Dining chairs are perfect for you.

4.Collins Dining Chair

Collins dining chair is designed with a classic retro chic feel and comes finely upholstered in velvet, supported by tapered glossy black legs with rich accents of polished brass. It has welted stitches on the seat and a stylish degree reclining on the crescent open back. The backrest is convex, allowing comfortable seating, and perfect to pair with a circular dining table.


5.Perry Dining Chair

The Perry dining chair, inspired by the most famous occasional designs, features a body structure produced in solid walnut wood, which makes it a durable and solid chair. Both the seat and the back cushions are upholstered in leather, evoking a sober look that contrasts with metal shoes on its legs, made of polished brass. A midcentury masterpiece and an homage to the modern living era.



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