7 Cool Modern Kitchens You’ll Want This Spring

Spring is already gracing us with its wonderful weather and stunning new trends and colors. We know your kitchen is probably one of the most important spaces in your home, so we didn’t waste time getting you the best inspiration from modern kitchens you’ll certainly want to replicate this Spring.

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7 Cool Modern Kitchens You’ll Want This Spring_1

Nothing like the green of the color Night Watch to bring the Spring feeling to your modern kitchen. For a glamorous look, add some golden brass elements, especially in light fixtures, faucet and door handles. When it comes to a more casual and modern look, silver always goes a long way.

7 Cool Modern Kitchens You’ll Want This Spring_2

Who doesn’t love pastels in Spring decor? For a more romantic and dramatic kitchen, using colors such as pink or baby blue, materials such as marble, and cute wallpapers or artsy paintings is ideal for a casual and charming kitchen decor.

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7 Cool Modern Kitchens You’ll Want This Spring_3

Blue is another popular shade you just need to add to your kitchen. Whether it be powerful blue or soft baby blue, you’re in for a ride when you experiment having this color added to your home decor. Throw in some trendy materials such as white marble on your counters and wood in your kitchen stools, and you’re good to go!

7 Cool Modern Kitchens You’ll Want This Spring_4

You already know our favorite style is vintage and we couldn’t recommend it more, especially when mid-century is back on trend. Pastels and bright colors work perfectly together, some vintage kitchen appliances and a cozy touch to the kitchen will make it feel like you’re in 60’s home.

7 Cool Modern Kitchens You’ll Want This Spring_5

We talk about colors a lot, but neutrals are always the way to go if you want to keep it elegant and luxurious. White marble counters and white cabinets, wooden kitchen stools, plants on corners to keep the zen vibe, it’s the perfect way to keep it fresh this Spring!

7 Cool Modern Kitchens You’ll Want This Spring_6

Choose your favorite colorful tiles as backsplash on your kitchen and pair it with neutral cabinets, or go the opposite way, with some white tiles and colorful cabinets that are sure to catch anyone’s attention.

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7 Cool Modern Kitchens You’ll Want This Spring_6

What about kitchen islands? You can never go wrong with these! Trendy, elegant and full of charm, kitchen islands are truly the gem of this year, adding more space in your kitchen while bringing modernity and trendiness.

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