A Mid-Century Restaurant In Oslo You Should Definitely Know About

If you love mid-century style, this restaurant in Oslo is the place you want to have dinner on tonight!

If you’re looking for a restaurant that satisfies your design lover’s needs, then your next destination is Oslo, to the stunning Hotel Christiania Teater with a mid-century restaurant that is simply to die for and to admire closely to enjoy the detail of its amazing interior design.

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Designed by the amazing Anemone Wille Våge, this hotel with a stunning restaurant that holds up to its reputation of luxury and high-quality is more than what you could ever expect from a mid-century restaurant. The restaurant is filled with a jazzy vibe, accentuated by the unique lighting designs found across the space. Right in the lobby, you can see a Suspension lamp by our sister brand DelightFULL, invoking that jazzy vibe all around the space.

With strong colors, velvet sofas, classic paintings and Art Deco pieces, this is definitely a restaurant that will bring out the passion for design even more from within you. You’ll be surprised at the amount of details, not only in the incredible furniture pieces chosen but also the accessories that give it an extra unique touch.

Editor’s Choice:


Sophia is a particular bench seat sofa that draws inspiration from the aesthetics of Mid-century modern design. It is upholstered in velvet and stitched from the top to the bottom. The base is made of gold plated brass and it has button tufted sides. The slightly degree reclining turns it into a lounge sofa.


When it comes to wine tasting, there is a space for it as well, perfectly lit with an amazing chandelier, stunning bar chairs and a selection of the best wines you could ever find. It’s a journey we recommend you take.

Red is the center of attentions in a more private area of the restaurant. The golden details win in this room and look absolutely perfect with the red and more classic theme of this private area. Gold, red and the addition of mirror tops to the table make this a unique and more elegant area.

Giving off Hollywood glamour vibes, this restaurant is certainly a must on your bucket list if you’re a fan of design. It’s hard to see every single detail with just one look as it’s a complex design made by an incredible interior designer that we simply love and we’re sure you will too once you step foot inside the Christiania Teater restaurant.

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