A Retro Restaurant In Philadelphia That is Making Us Swoon

A retro restaurant in Philadelphia with a modern and contemporary twist? Sign us up! Rohe Creative was the one behind this incredible Louie Louie, inspired in the 60’s and 70’s bright colors and “retro nouveau”. Today, we take a look inside this retro restaurant that is making us swoon, and we’re sure it will make you fall in love as well.

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“(The) custom mosaic floor tile pattern (created by New Ravenna) was inspired by the psychedelic pop artist Peter Max, who was known for his bold use of color,” the design team explains. It’s a beautiful part of this restaurant, a great way to greet the clients and cause an impact. It’s probably one of our favorite parts!


The presidential election was also something that got in the way of the project and caused a major shift in the overall design goal. “We began looking at Post-War optimism that included retro ‘feel good’ music, sayings, lifestyles, [etc.]” Kate Rohrer says.

“Bright, bold, unapologetic colors and patterns from the 1960s and 1970s.” This is what you’ll find in this beautiful restaurant in Philadelphia. Combining them with marble is the perfect combination to achieve this modern retro look.

A painting by Jessalyn Brooks hangs near the lounge’s fireplace and chandelier – both of which were purposefully centered to make the space symmetrical. The lounge was made to be cozy and feel almost like home – a luxurious modern home with a retro touch.

Gorgeous furniture pieces with a vintage look but a glamorous and grand one, with bold and rich colors, are used in Louie Louie to bring an even more luxurious and cozy look.


The bar is the connecting point between Louie Louie’s lounge and restaurant, and perhaps one of our favorite parts of this space. With retro industrial styled bar stools and a bar counter to go along with it, this restaurant showcases a stunning bar to die for.

Louie Louie flows directly into the adjoining Inn at Penn hotel and Kate Rohrer and her design team were careful not to compromise what the inn’s fans love about it. “It’s always a delicate dance and so important for designers to remain flexible,” she says.

“We stepped out of our comfort zones, and it made the rest of the build-out process exhilarating as it came to life,” Kate Rohrer tells us, showing us how the project made her trust her gut even more.

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Sophia Single Sofa

A wall of reclaimed subway tile from Philadelphia row houses in the main dining room. With a tropical vibe and interesting patterns, this is definitely one of the parts that calls the most attention.

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“Guests love to feel like they can take over their own little ‘nook’ with friends and family,” Kate Rohrer explains. Plants and more of Corinne Marshall’s custom cane work make this space very inviting and cozy.

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