An Historic Mid-Century Restaurant In Helsinki You Will Want To Visit

Let us take you on a journey back in time to 1952, in Helsinki, on what was to become the calling card for Finnish design industry.

Located on the 10th floor of the historic Hotel Palace in the city’s Eteläranta harbour area, this mid-century restaurant in Helsinki is the personification of this style. Modern but timeless and nostalgic of the 1950’s when the building was constructed, this is a restaurant we would adore to have a dinner at. Come with us and discover more about it!

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1952. Eteläranta, Helsinki. The Summer Olympic games are around the corner and it calls out for new ideas for the city to design and construct. It was with this in mind that The Palace was born. An architect built the building where the restaurant is now located on the 10th floor, and it became much more than a simple dining space. It turned into a symbol of design for Finland, a calling card for the design industry in this country, a true pride and joy for the Finnish.

This restaurant was later renovated to feature a more modern style that still stuck faithfully to the history of the building, keeping that mid-century vibe that creates such personality in this space.

With soft pink and orange tones with a teak-lined scheme that honors the building’s modern design, this restaurant was revamped with interiors that feature teak veneer walls, dark teal carpet and even custom-made trolleys inspired by the mid-century design of the hotel it is in, giving off a vintage vibe that is rare and extremely appealing.

The building the restaurant is in was designed by Finnish architects Viljo Revell and Keijo Petäja as an hotel to accommodate people that were coming to attend the Olympics. Originally, The Palace restaurant was originally located opposite the hotel, and in 1987 it became the first Finnish restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star, later moving to the 10th floor of the hotel’s building.

When it was time to revamp the hotel and restaurant, it became apparent that they weren’t looking for a modern and trendy design. In fact, it was in their wishes to go for a design that would withstand time and honor the ever so rich history and tradition behind this building.

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Ellen Dining Chair would be perfect for this space, containing colors from the palette used on the restaurant. Comfortable, fancy, elegant and luxurious, it’s upholstered in velvet and sculptured with slim legs in polished brass. A perfect choice for a restaurant or a home!

The design is simple but sophisticated, inviting and elegant, becoming a symbol of the mid-century style. It’s not only packed with elements of this style but it’s also got a modern tone to it with the way the designers (Note Design Studio) incorporated each furniture piece in the space and brought it all together. It doesn’t scream old; it screams elegance, luxury and harmony.

The Palace Restaurant soon became a trendsetter and a spot for design lovers and admirers to visit to experience the Finnish design up-close. Being one of the top-tier international restaurant influencers, The Palace will always be on a special place in people’s hearts.

Photos © The Palace Restaurant

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