Bar and Restaurant Lighting Ideas for a 50s Flashback Vibe

Today we’re taking a tour through the 1950s and how you can create that nostalgic feeling with the turn of a switch.

Today we are switching things over to bigger and more public spaces, going from the cozy interiors of our own homes to the awesome bars and restaurants we love to explore on the weekends. And if you’re an interior designer or decorator looking for inspiration, here are a few of our favorite bar and restaurant lighting ideas to get that 1950s flashback you’ve been looking for.

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It’s no secret we love mid-century design and the retro, slightly bohemian look you can achieve just by putting together the right pieces of the period. And because one of the most important pieces in all decor is lighting, at least one of these lamps will surely tick all the boxes of what you’re looking for.

Marquee lamps

Perfect for industrial interiors, marquee lamps were super in a few years ago, and we think they’re preparing for a great comeback. These two lighting designs are part of DelightFULL’s Graphic Collection. You can pair a series of graphic letters and numbers to create the look you desire for your bar.

Amy lamp series

If you’re thinking about a music themed bar, go with a lighting fixture that adds more to the space that just ambience lighting. Both Amy floor lamp and table lamp’s designs were inspired by one of the greatest singers of contemporary times, and they should definitely be included in your bar decor ideas binder.

Botti chandelier

Talk about a mid-century chandelier! Botti is probably DelightFULL’s most iconic design and one that will also never get out of your mind again. If you’re going with such a big chandelier as this one, tone it down on the rest of your restaurant lighting, as you won’t want to overdo it.

Brubeck wall sconce

For cozier and more intimate settings, wall sconces are usually the right choice. Brubeck wall sconce by DelightFULL will create a nice hue and a candlelit-like feeling to the whole room.

Coleman floor lamp

When we talk about restaurant light fixtures you’re probably thinking more along the lines of chandeliers and wall sconces. However, floor lamps shouldn’t be avoided right from the beginning. Coleman floor lamp, for example, would be perfect for a minimalist restaurant reception where the host will be waiting to greet you.

Hanna floor lamp

Lastly, on the same note, Hanna lamp by DelightFULL would also look great in a more mid-century restaurant interior design. We can see it being used in the reception area, or, would that be the case, in a trendy coffee shop!

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