Blue Dining Room Designs To Bring Peace Into Your Decor

Blue is, without doubt, the most popular color in the world of interior design and is a favorite in the modern dining rooms!

Today we are going to show you some of the most dazzling blue dining room designs along with some basic design tips that will help you define your own dining room style. Just keep scrolling and fall in love with these mesmerizing modern dining room ideas. 

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Photo © Redonline

This dining room is bold, unique, and innovative. The smashing dining room table chairs in dark blue looks exquisite and the outstanding rug that can easily create a blue backdrop along with the painted walls.

Photo © Domino

This house features blue dining room chairs that mixed with the golden mid-century chandelier provide a calm and pacific vibe to the space.


White and blue is a match made in color heaven, and you can tap into this classic combination by simply using blue as an accent hue.

A custom dark blue creates a “moody drama” in this dining room design. The brass details in the lighting, in the sofas and coffee tablesare the ultimate touch, fitting perfectly together with the whole room.

Photo © Pinterest

If you want to introduce the color blue in your dining room decor but not in big propositions how about go for a wallpaper? This room is the perfect example of how a  blue wallpaper can make all the difference in your interior design.

Editors Choice

Mansfield Dining Chair

Dining has never been so stylish! Mansfield is both a functional chair and an accent one. It is supported in a round polished brass base and then finished in velvet all along its iconic low-slung and crescent body.




Collins Chair

Collins is a lounge chair that mixes both modern and classical design approaches. It is upholstered in velvet and has many options for customization. Collins has an open back and it is designed with sleek lines and subtle details: like its glamorous glossy black legs and polished brass details. Take a bohemian environment set to another level with this retro furniture piece.


Written By Hugo Costa

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