Christmas Cocktails And All The Mid-Century Pieces For Your Bar

With Christmas come the parties, the joy, the family reunions and the gifts!

And the cocktails! This Christmas, buckle up and come with us on a journey of design mixed and stirred beautifully with the best cocktails specially tailored for that Christmas party for all your friends and family. Continue reading and find all you need to know about the best Christmas cocktails and mid-century pieces for your home bar.

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Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa

An easy and super fun cocktail based on vanilla and cranberry, it’s a must when you’re throwing a Christmas party! To prepare this cocktail, all you need is vanilla vodka, cranberry juice and sparkling wine, as well as garnishes of your choice (we recommend fresh cranberries and vanilla beans, the classics for this cocktail).

Kelly Bar Chair

Holiday Punch

A good holiday punch with a lot of color and spirit, it’s the perfect choice for your Christmas party or just to enjoy when you get home after a shopping spree for family gifts. You’ll need frozen orange concentrate, frozen limeade concentrate, cranberry juice, vodka, 7UP soda, and some sprinkles and cranberries as garnish, and you have the perfect playful and delicious treat!

Hepburn Cabinet

Christmas Coffee Cocktail

And because Christmas is also about hot coffee and warm beverages, this cocktail is inspired by that, ready to take over your taste buds. Complex but tasty, you’ll never forget it. All you need is strong coffee, amaretto liqueur, coffee liqueur, butterscotch schnapps, cocoa cream, and, of course, whipped cream and grated chocolate for garnish.

Collins Bar Chair

Winter White Cosmopolitan

An elegant and modern drink that will be perfect for your glamorous Christmas party! With fresh and delicious ingredients, you’ll achieve the best treat for your party guests. You’ll need vodka (or cranberry vodka, if you prefer), Cointreau, St. Germaine Elderflower Liqueur, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and white cranberry juice. For garnish, use some fresh cranberries and a touch of mint and you’ve hit the nail in the head!

Monocles Small Cabinet

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