Christmas Themed Bars We Can’t Resist This Winter!

This christmas season, we are on a New York state of mind!

The city that never sleeps has this special glow. Even more in this time of the year. But, as the song told us:  It’s cold outside! So, let’s warm up in this christmas themed bars that will make you feel like you’re in a wonderland!

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Tavern on the green

Tavern on a green is a place that grown up with the city and, now also changes with the seasons. Born on the 80’s, this is, not only a dining room but also a vintage bar where you can travel back in time, and enjoy this decor.


A Cocktail in a Pop-Up Bar is always a good idea for a things to do on Christmas list. And Miracles was created exactly to be a place for sharing good moments and celebration the most amazing holidays!


If you’re a lover of a huge christmas decor, this is the place for you! From the moment that you open the door, Rolf’s offers you a real winter wonderland! Actuality, the history of this restaurant is a bit different, because it started in Germany and it just bring the tradition along to the heart of New York.


Birreria is the kind that make you feel warmer just by looking. It is a really cosy place, specially with christmas lights all over the place. If looks nice, it tastes better: find here traditional flavours from the europe to America and also watch an american sunset over your favorite drink!

Donner and Blitzen’s Reindeer Lounge

If you’re a fireplace person, here it is the restaurant that you’ll want to keep in mind: Reindeer Lounge.  This one is also one of the christmas bars to visit, and to have a relaxing moment!

Paddy’s Maguire’s

If you would like to know a place with both irish and american influences, go to Paddy’s Maguire’s! In Mannathan’s heart it has a really unique and mid-century decor!

Interior design and decoration moves along with the seasons, and this one in particular is kind of magic: christmas tree, lighting all over, that song that stays in your mind all day, and cozy places! This themed bars will make you love New York city even more!

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