Farmhouse Kitchen: It’s Still A Trend On The Rise!

Yes, the Farmhouse kitchen is again a trend, knows everything you need.

If you have been attentive to the tendencies of deco decoration, for sure you have noticed that the farmhouse kitchen are now a trend, and are becoming more luxurious. In a twist between luxury and country style.

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Farmhouse Kitchen It’s Still A Trend On The Rise


And don’t think you have to have a farmhouse to be able to have a kitchen of this type. These kitchens are characterized by having a more rustic style, stronger colors like the reds and the use of woods.

Now comes a question, how to create a kitchen framing.
First, do not think you have to change the entire kitchen structure. Sometimes decorative elements that go against the rural style are enough and can give your space a twist.

Start by using the decorative elements you find on a farm, here is an example of a staircase | ladder, which is painted when we give it creative use.


Try to be creative, even in the choice of kitchen utensils. We can give a completely different aspect to our kitchen and at the same time in the foods we prepare.

Use of wood, in this aspect, do not think twice, use and abuse of this material, either in small details in the bar chair, bench, table or even the entire structure of the kitchen. In addition to creating more closeness and a more welcoming ambiance, you will be in touch with this rural style.

Don’t forget to use everything you can to create the best farmhouse kitchen you’ve ever dreamed of. This can go by buying elements with the mid-century or even vintage style or even reusing old furniture.

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