Here Are 5 Vintage Restaurants You Should Visit in Your Lifetime

If these restaurants don’t convince you to take that trip, nothing ever will…

If, like us, you love everything vintage, and all the best the 1950s had to offer, there are a few vintage restaurants you should visit in your lifetime. See our selection below, and you’ll quickly understand why there are some things in life we can’t afford to pass on.

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Dan Tana’s, West Hollywood

Photo © Dan Tana’s

Dan Tana’s is one the most popular vintage restaurants in West Hollywood. Chances of you seeing a big celebrity coming out of their doors are really high. More than that, the authentic vintage decor creates the perfect setting for a night spent in the 1950s.


La Maison du Grec, Athens

Photo © La Maison du Grec

A stunning little restaurant in Greece’s equally stunning capital, Athens. La Maison du Grec was designed by architects Minas Kosmidis. The idea behind the seemingly vintage interior design is to pay homage to the classic Greek architecture. For that purpose, the architect duo chose to use patterned mosaic tiles and a sculptural antefix carved from solid wood. The colorful chairs close the look, creating a gorgeous visual contrast.

Pink Monkey, Madrid

Photo © Dr Photo

A place where you can find a fusion of Asian, and Peruvian flavours, Pink Monkey, in Madrid was brought to life by entrepreneur Francois Poplawsky, and chef Jaime Renedo. Together with architect Marta Banús they created a restaurant decor that is a mix between vintage chic and bohemian, that we can’t help but love.

La Soupe Populaire, Berlin

Photo © La Soupe Populaire

Not only does this vintage industrial restaurant has a two-Michelin star chef (Tim Raue), but it also boasts an amazing restaurant decor! The two-story place is airy and windowless, but that coldness is balanced by the warm lights that hang all over the place. According to the head chef, Raue, La Soupe Populaire was furnished to direct its clients’ focus to the exhibited artworks and the dishes that are being served.


Tommy’s Diner, France

Photo © Tommy’s Diner

With restaurants all over the country, Tommy’s Diner brings to Europe the 1950s mid-century kitsh look we are all used to see in classic movies. Decorated with bright colors and neons, expect to find authentic American food that will make you live inside one of the brand’s restaurants.

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