Home Bar Makeover With These Stunning Furniture Pieces

It’s time for a home bar makeover after being inspired by what you’ve seen at Maison et Objet 2019!

Tired of your old home bar decor? No worries, we got you! Keeping the mid-century style that we love so much, here you will be able to see some novelties that you can incorporate in your home bar makeover.

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Starting with the bar chairs which are one of the most important pieces to create this new home bar decor, we will present 3 different options.

Marcus bar chair and Charlotte bar chair, are definitely 2 new bar pieces that you want to have. It’s not only about the amazing and stylish look that they have but also the comfort that you can feel as soon as you sit on it.


And of course, we couldn’t forget to speak about Kelly bar chair, which you probably already know but since it’s fully customizable, why not giving it a little twist to your own taste?!

Now let’s talk about the bar counter and the bar tables that you can use! For the bar counter, what do you think of a mix between walnut, brass, and marble? Sounds interesting right? Take a look at this one.

For the bar tables, we have 2 different options, where the first one combines the Guatemala marble with a brass structure and the second one which has a strong presence since it’s all made of marble.

Last but not least you can always add a bar cart and this one is truly amazing. Keeping it with simple lines and pure forms, with the mid-century essence and a luxurious look makes this bar cart a must have!

SEE ALSO: Mid-Century Style Is Taking Over Maison Et Objet 2019

Now that you’ve read and loved our article, feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or share them on social media. Don’t forget that you can visit our Pinterest Boards and find out the most outstanding bar stools and furniture ideas!

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