How To Style Your Bar Cart In 6 Easy Steps

Want to add a bar cart to your home but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place!

Bar carts are a huge trend that we are certainly on board with, but it can be hard to find out exactly what to add to your bar cart or how to even start decorating it. We’ll give you a small but complete guide to what you need to know to start this journey!

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Do you wish to get on board with the bar cart trend but have no idea where to start? You definitely need this guide where we’ll tell you 6 easy steps to set up your bar cart and make it look perfect in your home! It’s easy, quick, and you will have your new favorite space in your home ready in no time.

Step 1: Choose The Perfect Bar Cart For Your Home

Photo © The Fox & She

When it comes to choosing the perfect bar cart, it’s really up to you. Choose one that complements the style of the space you’re adding it to, whether it be with golden tones, which is certainly one of our favorite looks, or with a black or even white color. You can play around with the different looks, like choosing a round bar cart instead of a classic one, or even choosing wood over metal. The sky is the limit. Use your imagination!

Step 2: Add Bar Utensils And Essentials

Photo © The Grommet

How could you ever forget to add the utensils, glassware and other essentials? Having these is just as important as the bar cart itself. From glasses to cocktail shakers, mixing beakers and a cutting board to cut the fruit and other ingredients you’ll add to your cocktails, you can’t forget any of these.

Step 3: Stock Up On Beverages Of Your Choice

Photo © Pinterest

When it comes to beverages, stock up on your favorites or drinks you will be adding to your cocktails that you read in a book or got inspiration from a website cocktail recipe. From whisky to champagne, brandy and wine, sodas and beer, or even spice it up with drinks from other places in the world such as soju and others. Go wild! It’s your bar cart, add the beverages you think are better fit to your taste.

Step 4: Add Flowers And Wall Decor

Photo © My Domaine

To truly complete the look of your bar cart, you need to add some decor. We definitely recommend the use of flowers to brighten up the space around and bring a fresh feeling to your bar cart. Some wall decor is also essential. Don’t leave the wall behind your bar cart empty and sad, add a painting of any style you desire, a patterned wallpaper, or perhaps even a framed quote you like in particular. And, in the end, why not add some books of your choice? Perhaps you even prefer to keep your cocktail recipe books in the bar cart. Either way, you’ll finish in style.

Step 5: Put All Your Items In The Bar Cart

Photo © Crate Blog

Now it’s time to add everything to your cart and let it speak for itself. You’ll get a beautiful, well organized, harmonious cart in any space of your house with all these steps we just showed you. It’s easy and you’ll be able to get the perfect bar cart that will impress your family and friends in a party or when they visit you.

Step 6: Enjoy A Cocktail With Friends Or Family!

Photo © Superman Cooks

This last step is the most fun. Enjoy your new bar cart by making some cocktails for your friends and family, and have a great time with your new pride and joy! We hope this 6 step guide helped you create a bar cart you’re proud of. Now go and impress your friends with your cocktail mixing talent!

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