Mid-Century Style Is Taking Over Maison Et Objet 2019

Paris has been taken over by design lovers and professionals as Maison et Objet arrived to present luxury brands in the design world, the 2019 designer of the year, numerous conferences and trends. Today, we present you the mid-century style stand that is taking Maison et Objet by storm with new and exciting products and a stunning partnership with Home Society. Let’s take a look!

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Meet Essential Home, the mid-century modern brand with a contemporary twist that brings luxury into your home, your favorite restaurants and bars, even the hotel you choose to spend the night. This brand is taking the world by storm with stunning products that are both timeless and exciting in its design. Don’t be surprised if you find Essential Home to be the next big thing in 2019.

Welcome to the mid-century world.

Essential Home takes you on a tour through the best of the 50’s with a twist of modernity that you’ll recognize in the lines, the luxurious high-quality materials and the amount of details in each piece. Handmade by master artisans, it’s impossible to resist Essential Home’s collection.

In this day and age, people search more and more for experiences that bring something into their lives. Essential Home does just that, producing pieces for residential and hospitality projects that bring personality into any space, and make it an experience for anyone who falls into its charms.

A joy to behold, Essential Home‘s new products take on many forms. From bar carts to bar chairs, sofas and armchairs to grand marble dining tables and stunning velvet dining chairs, it’s no surprise that this stand is taking Maison & Objet by storm with exciting novelties and the same old classics that are beloved by their loyal clients.

This year, Essential Home brings a surprise for their visitors at Maison & Objet. Part of Covet Group, also present in this trade show with stands from numerous sister brands such as Brabbu and Boca Do Lobo, they partner with Home Society that brings accessories, textile and wallpaper to elevate this stand to new heights. Armani/CasaMetaphoresChristian LacroixLelievre ParisNobilisWinter HomeDedar and Sandberg are the names of the brands that bring something special into this stand. You won’t regret checking out the beautiful stand of Essential Home with so many surprises ready for you.

Monocles Sideboard

Many classics are present on Hall 6 Stands O102 – P101, some of the bestsellers and most beloved products of Essential Home. Make sure to check it out for the same high-quality collection with exciting novelties and trendy ideas for your home decor that are sure to bring a new vision on interior design.

Visit Essential Home at Maison et Objet for a tour of the stand and to chat with the team behind it all.

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