The Best Bar Accessories That Will Make Your Drinks Taste Even Better

The essential list of bar accessories for your home!

If you’re just about getting ready to renovate your home bar for this new year, or perhaps thinking of the possibility of getting your first home bar, this article is perfect for you! Find here the best bar accessories that will make your life easier and your drinks tasting even better!

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The Big Bar

Simple and stylish, this cabinet has designated spots for prep supplies, glassware, liquor, and wine. Open the doors, and you’ll find plenty of storage for your bar accessories and favorite drinks. Monocles cabinet is an incredible choice when delivering the best home bar that will not only look stylish but as part of the remaining decor.

Monocles Cabinet

The Seating

A velvet seat on this mid-century modern styled bar chair makes for an incredibly stylish and sophisticated seating piece for your home bar. Your friends and family will surely want to stay over once they sit on this comfortable and modern chair, sipping on fresh and delicious cocktails.

Collins Bar Chair

The Small Bar

Monocles tall cabinet is both a stylish and functional piece of furniture. It blends mid-century charm with a contemporary design style, featuring tapered legs with brass ferrules and a body built in solid walnut wood. Both the sides and back have engraved circles, a high end detail for any interior design project.

The Tools

Photo © Bon Appetit

The most essential tools for your bar all in one place: a shaker, a mixing cup, a bar spoon to stir, a strainer and a jigger, perfect for measuring purposes. With these tools, you’ll find you have almost everything you need to get your home bar ready for a great cocktail party!

The Drinks

Photo © Swoon Worthy

When it comes to drinks, you really should have liberty on what to get. However, some essentials include sparkling water, champagne, wine of your choice, different liquors, tonic water, vodka, a versatile gin, tequilas (for margaritas!), whiskey, brandy and rum. You’ll have a well stocked home bar that appeals to every taste, and makes it so much easier to try that cocktail recipe you’ve been meaning to try for so long.

The Book

If you’re looking for a cocktail bible, Difford’s is it. 1,500 quality, approachable recipes crammed into a tome of 517 pages, listed alphabetically from the 1862 to the zuzu’s petals cocktail. The pictures are small and there’s little white space, but this is a reference book for life (or at least until they release the 13th edition).

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