The Best Vintage Industrial Bar And Restaurant Design Ideas

The best vintage industrial bar and restaurant design ideas are here!

What is a more special place to have your meal than a vintage industrial bar or restaurant? Today we bring you that. Take a look at this selection and choose the perfect one for you! Everyone loves the vintage industrial style, and that’s exactly what we bring you today!

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In this vintage design, industrial ceiling lamps and wooden elements is what creates the gorgeous industrial style of this space.


In this restaurant, black is the word. Upholstered dining chairs give a majestic and modern look to this industrial style.

Accent walls and black bar stools provide the industrial elements needed for this bar.

With a big open space, this industrial restaurant provide a casual ambiance with beautiful copper lighting and wooden elements.

With a more luxurious ambiance, this vintage industrial bar has a modern touch that is undeniable on the bar chairs or the lighting pieces hanging from the ceiling.


With a more casual look, this space takes advantage of wooden elements to the max, mixing it with metal elements for a more industrial look, and the use of plants to brighten it up.

A gorgeous and intricate bar/restaurant, this open space takes advantage of beautiful red and dark walnut wood bar stools and art on the columns.


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Dolly Coffee Table

We hope we were able to inspire you with these stunning vintage industrial bar and restaurant design ideas! 

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