The Divisive Kitchen Trend That Won’t Leave Us In 2019

It’s time to talk about the trend of Divisive Kitchen for 2019 that you can miss.

Often it is difficult to create a divisive kitchen, this is because we have to do a little investment both in the elements that constitute the kitchen as in those that sustain the dining room bar or even living room.

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On the other hand, these kitchens are great because we can save a lot of space in the rest of the house and create a space that at the same time is small and utilitarian but cozy.

Connect spaces

This is perhaps the most important tip since one thing that characterizes the divisive kitchen is the design of the space. We suggest a high bench where you can have access to do the dishes and on the other side put a bar chair where your guests can have an aperitif or even drink at the end of the night.


Use different material materials to create a more welcoming space.

This is a tip that is Identical for all kitchens regardless of whether they are partitions or not. Which goes by using different materials such as velvet and wood to create a more welcoming space.

Clear colors to create a larger space

These kitchens are often smaller than normal, so you may need to pay attention to the choice of light and pastel colors to create a larger and wider space that with some details of color make the kitchen a perfect space to be.

Be different

The use of patterns and tiles runs a little bit outside of what is commonly used in kitchens, but putting these elements in addition to adding color details gives an idea of grandeur. And it can be your differentiating element in your kitchen.

Suspension lamps

Choose the best lamp suspension for the kitchen. At the moment there is no need to look at money because this will be the element that everyone will look at and pay attention to, because this anger will be right in the center of the division.


Industrial Design

More and more industrial design is used, and 2019 is no exception. A slightly more masculine design that can give the kitchen a different touch and escape. Here if you have a larger kitchen, you can use darker and different colors. Be creative!

Decorative details

You should choose the decorative elements that go against the style and colors chosen, but don’t forget to bet on these elements, whether they are kitchen utensils or simply decorative elements or plants.

Bar chair

As said at the beginning this is an important part of choosing your kitchen partition this because it is an element that makes all the difference, and if you have a large counter, this may be the perfect choice for your kitchen. You can choose a darker color for this element to stand out from the rest.

Collins Bar Chair


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