Wes Anderson Inspired this Unique Restaurant Design and We Want In!

It is time we take some time to celebrate the style and aesthetic of the outstanding Wes Anderson.

The Pink Zebra, a restaurant/bar in Kanpur, India, was designed by Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio, and right at first glance it is impossible not to pinpoint massive resemblances with one of Wes Anderson’s most iconic movies: The Grand Budapest Hotel. Let’s take a tour through The Pink Zebra, and find out how this unique restaurant design pays homage to Anderson’s aesthetic.

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The whole idea of creating a space such as Pink Zebra began with nothing more than wanting to bring the surreal sets of Wes Anderson’s movies to life. The designers thought “how about we dip a zebra into a deep pink sea?“, and decided to make Pink Zebra a reality in Kanpur, India.

As you walk in, one of the things you will notice is how natural light shines down from the beams on the ceiling, adding to the dramatic effect of the juxtaposed black/white stripes.


The designers wanted several black and white stripes all around the restaurant, as well as a constant hue of bubblegum pink. Nowadays, these two elements are present throughout the restaurant and bar design, paired with other pastel pink items that create the illusion of being inside The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Below, you can see the Concierge counter, a clear nod to Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel and its main character, M. Gustav. Again, Anderson’s shade of pink and the geometric black and white stripes are present, making us remember the Oscar-nominated movie once again.


Much like the authentic Grand Budapest Hotel, The Pink Zebra doesn’t sit on sea level. Instead, it is located atop one of the oldest buildings in the city of Kanpur. This amusing coincidence works out pretty well with the mixing of both old and new elements in the bar’s decor.

Photos © Saurabh Suryan / Lokesh Dang

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