World’s Most Inviting Restaurants: OneOcean Club in Barcelona, Spain

Welcome to an exclusive and stunning restaurant in Barcelona that won’t leave your mind for months!

With an incredible cuisine to offer and a culture so rich it overwhelms you, Barcelona has a lot more to give than what’s on the surface. OneOcean Club is a gem lost in the local restaurants and bars, but found by those that appreciate design and luxury, a space that is exclusive and considered one of the world’s most inviting restaurants.

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A true oasis in Barcelona, OneOcean Club brings to life the magnificent Spanish cuisine in a sophisticated ambiance of luxurious design. You get to enjoy exquisite seasonal dishes with the freshest and tastiest ingredients, crafted by Chef Francisco Díaz, while enjoying what the restaurant has best to offer: its amazing design that makes our mouths water even more.

Unique in its design, with clear nautical inspiration in the color scheme, the restaurants offers comfort combined with impeccable style that makes this space a destination in itself. You get to enjoy cocktails on the bar, amazing dishes, and even the sunset on the terrace, with a stunning view of the city and marine.

We couldn’t talk about this restaurant without speaking of the interior design that is such an inspiration in itself. A joy to look at, it turns a simple dining space into a work of art. With golden, pink, blue and green tones, spotted on different parts of the restaurant such as in the seating areas, on the ceiling or even on the tables, you get a lot more than what you bargained for. Whether it be sunny, raining or night time, it will certainly be a place you won’t forget.


The ceiling is made entirely of glass, reflecting not only the restaurant but also the views to the Port, bringing the landscape inside the space. The choice of plants “falling” from the ceiling, as well as the gold tubular structures that provide support to them, make this a more relaxed ambiance that greatly reminds us of the inside of a yacht, something close to a magical place.

The bar areas are iconic as well and there is surely no better way to enjoy a cocktail by the water than in a space like this. Right near the fantastic view of the Port outside the restaurant, it provides comfortable and stylish bar stools with a bar counter with great vintage inspiration.

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Wouldn’t you just love to drink a cocktail here and watch the sun set on the horizon? The hanging ceiling plants create a truly magical ambiance, reflected by the large ceiling glass and the golden tones that surround the entire restaurant and pair perfectly with the use of glass and wood.

If it’s a sunny day outside, take your cocktail to the terrace and watch the yachts and boats leave and arrive on the Port, with the sun setting on the horizon and the view of the city on the other side.

It can’t get any better than this.

Photo © OneOcean Club

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