World’s Most Inviting Restaurants: Quay, An Unforgettable Memory

The land down under brings you one of the most inspiring and beautiful restaurants you’ll ever see.

Today, on World’s Most Inviting Restaurants, a signature where we take you through the most stunning restaurants around the world, you’ll be flying all the way to Sydney, Australia, to a restaurant that is just as inspiring as it is modern and creative. Quay will always be the restaurant of your choice from the minute you step inside.

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Quay. An intriguing name greets us on the front door and before we even enter, we’re quite aware of the view outside, stunning as ever. Seeing the glass windows surrounding the restaurant, we can be sure this will be an experience that is nothing short of impossible to forget.

Inside, it’s a whole new world. Beautiful, modern and fresh, Quay restaurant provides us with a view of the Sydney Opera House, a landmark of this stunning city. With modern and elegant colors, it provides its visitors with not only amazing food but a sophisticated ambiance that is supported by the meals that are delivered to you: pure works of art.

The colors reminds us greatly of the big blue sea with the beautiful and bright blue carpet, and the wooden elements that appear as if we’re on a boat, floating above water. It’s smart in every interior design decision that is presented to us in the form of velvet, leather or even marble.

Blues and golden hues with wooden elements and a touch of black metals and copper, all fashionable materials and colors, are the main ones that are eyes are drawn to in this beautiful restaurant that features a bar just as stunning.

At night, it doesn’t disappoint either, with a fantastic view of Sydney and atmospheric lighting that combines so perfectly with this restaurant and its interior, as well as with the rich menu that is so known and loved for.

Visiting Quay is not just entering a restaurant. It’s an experience, all on its own.

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