Stunning Dining Room Corners To Save You Space In Your Home Decor

When you have a small space, dining room corners are the best solution!

Dining room corners are not just charming but a perfect way to save space if, for example, you’re sharing it with the living room. But even if you do have space, it’s a stunning way to make turn a kitchen corner into a breakfast area as well. Truly, your imagination is the limit!

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Photo © Domino

When it comes to dining room corners, it doesn’t matter if you go for a bohemian look, a contemporary one, even a classic one. You can achieve the best of each style depending on the pieces you use to complete your dining room corner. For example, in the image above, you can easily spot a modern bohemian look with the white tones and a splash of color in accessories like the pillows. Adding the nature elements not only in plants but in the wooden ceiling lamp that matches the floor well, you can easily make this a bright and fresh corner where you’ll be dying to have all your meals on.

Photo © Better Homes & Garden

If you go for a more rustic design, you’ll find yourself with a charming corner just as well. With french influence, the one above is a sophisticated dining space that doesn’t need much room to really stand out. With the light coming in from the windows, the wooden elements mixed with the classical details, especially on the seating areas make this a corner with a lot more personality and uniqueness than what you see at first sight.

Photo © Elizabeth Lawson Design

A small dining corner embedded in a stunning kitchen in Washington DC. Modern, with a simple color scheme of black and white mixed with the wooden elements of the table and floor, as well as the unique touch of the brass on the ceiling lamp, makes this a dining corner we wish we had in our home.

A timeless modern dining chair with a unique design, heavily influenced by the classic lines of mid-century modern design, Garbo dining chair features a velvet upholstered seat with a removable cushion, completed by a crescent low back that is handmade in brass, finished in plated copper. The support of the upholstered dining chair is composed by four solid walnut wood legs that sit atop copper plated feet, for a more elegant look. Garbo is the perfect dining chair for a mid-century dining set, and it can also be used in hospitality interiors, due to the fire retardant properties of the fabrics.

Photo © Pinterest

A corner with a more eclectic style that brings us a more earthy tone based color scheme that has stolen our heart. Hard to accomplish the harmonization of the different styles, and yet this dining area does it perfectly. A perfect spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Photo © Style At Home

Even if you go for a colorful dining room corner, it will still look amazing! From blue chairs to a splash of color on the art, pink on the decorative pillows and a stunning white table, you’ll get a dining area to die for and that your friends and family will absolutely adore.

Vinicius is a dining table that uses the same elegant base of Vinicius end table. Designed in a curvy hourglass shape, it is finished in nero marquina marble, contrasted by the white portuguese estremoz marble. It is accentuated by a brass ring on the center and features a countertop of smoked glass.

Photo © Pinterest

Wood, white, black and yellow: add these to your dining room corner to get a modern, rustic and definitely inspiring area. You’ll find yourself lost in the relaxing and comforting feeling of dining in this small and cozy new space in your home.

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