The Home Bar You’ve Always Wanted With These Mid-Century Pieces

A home bar with the best mid-century furniture pieces that is both stylish, comfortable and elegant? Yes, it’s possible!

If you’re looking to get in on the trend and create a home bar in your own home before the cold of the Fall and Winter come, then you will want to read this! We found a collection of the best mid-century furniture piece for your home bar that are stylish, comfortable, practical, elegant, and absolutely to die for. If you don’t believe us, then keep reading!

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Nothing better than to start with a fully furnished and incredibly stunning home bar. Colorful and casual but with such elegance and grace that is only accomplished by the beautiful furniture pieces, you will be in love with this home bar look in no time!

We can’t help but point out the obvious: the amazing bar chairs that give this home bar its identity and personality.

Kelly Bar Chair is inspired by the curved and sculpted arches from the bar in the classic movie Casablanca. The body is a full piece of polished brass and features a low back, a foot rail and brown leather on the seat. Besides being stylish, it is made to be comfortable and stand the test of time.

To every home bar, there has to be a resting and sitting space, to relax and have your drink if you have friends or family over and a bar chair or two is not enough. We strongly recommend the velvet Ellen Armchair and a small but beautiful coffee table of your choice. Simple but enough to sweep you off your feet!

If you want a more colorful sitting space, then we have the perfect choice for you. Allow Essential Home‘s furniture pieces to do all the work as you only have to choose a wallpaper of your choice and the look is completed with the beautiful and colorful yellow Marie Chairs and Dolly Coffee Table. You can go for a single sofa for more comfort (we recommend Sophia Single Sofa, the beloved mid-century piece) but the Marie chair can take on the job by itself, creating a look that will make your jaw drop.

If your home bar is located in the kitchen, then this is the perfect look for you! A modern kitchen decor with white velvet bar chairs, lighting pieces of your choice, and even the addition of a comfortable and retro armchair to add more style to your bar/kitchen.

In this design, we chose the luxurious Collins Bar Chair, a crescent open back bar chair designed with sleek mid-century modern lines, and the Bogarde Armchair, finished in leather, a very popular fabric in the 60’s, and a swivel polished brass base that conveys an idea of style and playfulness.

Another amazing use of the Marie Chair with the Dolly Coffee Table is exactly this one! A much more modern look with an even bigger sense of elegance and grace, this design is filled with maturity and mid-century vibes. Truly timeless, it’s a look you won’t want to let escape.

Of course you can switch the Marie chair for the stunning Collins Dining Chair for a more comfortable and classic retro chic piece. A beloved piece by many much due to its high-quality velvet and tapered glossy black legs with rich accents of polished brass, as well as its timeless and modern twist to the otherwise retro vibe, it’s certainly the chair you’ll want to have in your sitting area of your home bar.

Another stunning home bar look you’ll want to replicate? We got those by the pound! With this design, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a high-class bar with the black and gold tones scattered across the space. You’ll achieve this look pretty easily, and if you don’t believe us, we’ll tell you exactly how!

Kelly Bar Chairs are essential in this look, the body a full piece of polished brass that features a low back, a foot rail and brown leather on the seat that is easily customizable for your needs and preferences.

A piece that is unforgettable, Kelly stands the test of time, proving to be an iconic design that will forever be in the hearts of design lovers.

On the sitting area, nothing better than to pair up Marie Chairs with the beautiful Dolly Coffee Table and, to give it a more harmonized look while using different styles to the pieces, you can add one or two Ellen Dining Chairs, customizable just as the rest of the pieces.

Editor’s Advice: Add the Monocles Cabinet or Monocles Small Cabinet for storage of your drinks and bar accessories.

The Dolly Coffee Table is the perfect piece for a resting area to complement your home bar. However, instead of chairs, why not pair stools with these beautiful tables? The Florence Stools are the perfect elegant mid-century sitting pieces for your home bar, to keep it more casual yet a lot more refined.

Need a place to store your drinks and bar accessories? Well, look no further! The Monocles collection and Essential Home presents the Monocles Cabinet, a drinks cabinet produced in classic materials such as solid walnut wood, with additional brass features and front paneling. It is split in two sections: one with a set of shelves and drawers, accented by brass knurling knobs, and the other a stylish storage space for cocktails. The tapered legs give this cabinet a fresh and sleek look, comprising style and functionality.

Editor’s Advice: Monocles Cabinet looks perfect with the elegant Kelly Bar Chairs. Try it!

Of course we had to end this in a high note with the amazing Collins Bar Chairs, the most essential and stunning pieces for your home bar that are truly and undeniably a mid-century piece that you must-have in your home bar decor.

As a bar chair, Collins is just the one you want in your personal home bar. Tall, elegant and sleek, this bar chair is definitely a luxurious statement for your home furnishing, bringing back the nostalgia of sipping on a cocktail and reminiscing the glamorous 50’s in Hollywood on a hot Summer night.

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